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Readers Respond: Best Web Forms

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There are thousands, if not millions of ugly Web forms out there, but where are the pretty ones? Submit the URL (pointing directly to the form) of HTML forms that you think are particularly well designed. Be sure to give a short explanation of why you think the form looks good and what you might change.

An easy to use form built in flash

Coffeecup software has a form tool that allows you to design forms that not only can send content to multiple people but can populate a database along with a plain text file. It also has a captcha element. I use it for many sites and with it's free design and CSS or use the themes you can build very nice user friendly with verification, forms. Here is one that allows you to select whom to send it to. http://www.fragilex.org/html/contactus.htm
—Guest wpatters1229

Thymer Registration

I found this form today to sign up for a free trial of Thymer, a project management tool. http://a.thymer.com/accounts/register/ What's interesting about the form is that it's in the style of a paragraph. The fields make sense, and it's easy to fill out. Plus, it's just pretty.
—Guest Jennifer

Musical Web Form - Name That Tune

http://www.billwilliams.org/NameThatTune/main.html I like this form because it not only looks good and plays song clips, but also because it is a good test of ones memory. Try it out.

Patriot Place Visa Rewards

https://www.patriot-placerewards.com/register.aspx Myself and a co-worker designed this form by grouping similar form elements together, using wide line spacing and horizontal rules to visually separate the sections of this lengthy registration form. Even though it is separated into sections, the visual flow is kept in tact, which in my opinion, makes the form "pretty."
—Guest Peggy

Nice form

Short contact us form on website: http://www.pharwv.org/contact.php I've made a lot of forms, but this one stood out to me for some reason. Maybe it's the unusual placement. Whatever it is, I like it.

An Event Registration Form

This is a form I just completed for a client of mine. It's an online event registration form for an annual charity event. http://jwclitchfieldhills.org/events/gallery-on-the-green/gotg-registration/ From a design perspective: Even though the form has a lot of fields, I think the overall flow is intuitive and is easy on the eyes. From a technical perspective: It has data validation and verification, file upload capability, anti-spam measures, and an email function that sends a completed registration form to the registrant as well as the event coordinator. Additionally, it populates a shopping cart (based on the registration fee and the # of spaces requested) upon form submission for payment processing. Two things I would change would to be add inline JavaScript validation as the user is filling out the form (in addition to the existing server-side validation), and I would widen it a bit. I'm not a fan of tight form design, but I had to work within a pre-existing page template.

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