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Readers Respond: Web Design Horror Stories

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From the article: Web Design Horror Stories
What is the worst mistake you ever made when building or maintaining a Web site? Chances are if you've made the mistake, other people have too. To submit anonymously, simply put in your alias of choice in the Guest name box. If you're logged in to About.com, simply click on the "If you're not [membername], click here" link and write your alias in the Guest box.

10 Minute Load Time =O

About 10 years ago I wrote a website to prove a new concept in scheduling appointments - the idea was to grant users access to my calendar and allow them to pick pick an available time (I could restrict this to specific time frames). The only problem was I didn't know how to use Javascript very well and I needed to add a "roll-over" script which would swap out the button image when the user hovered over it, in turn each day on the calendar had to dynamically list out the times of the day so they could choose which day and time to meet with me. (Back way before ajax, and before I knew how to use javascript, and before jQuery :)... Anyways, I couldn't figure out how to make one re-usable script that would swap out the information for each object - but I could get it to work for a single day, so I wrote PHP script that would in turn generate the javascript required for a while calendar month. In the end it was 3mb of javascript - in the days of dialup :x - 10 minute load times...
—Guest Was Young

Bad luck?

I was working on building a site for this nice person, and I 1) Picked the worst colors you could ever pick 2) Accidentally destroy his webserver 3) put an illegal code inside that index 4) and made his site even worse than it was at first. That was not a good day, as he was on fire attacking me :-) :-P We worked it out and I fixed him a Flash website. Though it was really a funny day for me lol. Proves you shouldn't let someone else do the work for you :P
—Guest Nicolas


I had just learnt how to use Flash and I made a point of doing all my new sites in Flash. One of them had four Flash objects each with their own load screens...and a lot of drop shadow effects. This site was mobile...not mobile like portable devices :-) but everything was moving around, buttons, page headers and text. The client was excited for like one day before he got fed up and had me take it down.
—Guest Guest gimei


I am a programmer at heart but lack graphical flare. I had a relatively simple idea for a web page but ended up giving-up on because it is almost impossible to work out how to do rounded corners and margins on the sides of my page as seen on a few "web 2.0" pages. :\ *sigh*
—Guest Jim

lose-lose situation

My first client's site was simple to build, but he insisted on hosting it on his friend's server. He gave me what he said was the login information. I repeatedly tried to login to upload the site, but either the info was wrong or something was fishy about it. I even had a more experienced web developer try to get login with a different FTP client--no success. Repeated requests to the client to check his information, or let his friend upload files himself only got him mad, and I finally got a huffy email saying he'd taken the job to someone else. As it turned out, that someone else used my comps, and I never got paid. From then on, I always make sure I either set up the hosting account, or can get in before I hand over any work.
—Guest Releaf

poor design

I once designed mokascoffee.com and made it look like i created it in Microsoft Word using clipart, images with aliased curves and blurry (due to resizing) images
—Guest bob


One time, I was wirting a webpage and I put in the colors in the css. But I left off the final letter in my hex code. So when I thought I was putting up a gorgeous blue site ended up being baby-puke green. AAACK!
—Guest doh

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