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Readers Respond: What do you think is important on a contact us page?

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There are lots of ways to design contact pages. You can have forms or just lists of addresses and phone numbers. Learn what other About.com readers think are the important elements of contact us pages.

Full info and interactivity

If you are a business entity then your contact page should have your complete address, phone and email (encrypted) contact information. It might be helpful to have this info in your footer on every page if local search results are important to you. In addition, most people expect to see a submission form where they can contact you via the site. I find that there is a large section of people that prefer first contact to be made in this manner rather than a direct phone call. Finally, it is a good idea to embed the googlemap widget on this page to help people find you. This is not only helpful to your visitors, Google seems to like it also.
—Guest vancouver web design


I strongly agree that every page must have a contact us page. And you as well. I wanted to contact About.com admins for something that has to do with design of home page but seems like I have to do some research to find conctact us page. {From Jennifer: We have two contact us pages (not called that, however). If you click on my name or picture on any page, you'll get the contact information for me personally. And down at the bottom of every page is a "Help" link that gets you in contact with About.com staff.}

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