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Readers Respond: You Know You're a Slave to Web Design When...

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What are the most common symptoms of Web design slavery? Would you rather write documents in Dreamweaver than in Word? Do you focus more on fonts than faces? Web design can be an addiction, but if you know the common symptoms you can avoid it or get more into it. Finish the sentence

...you get excited about drop-down menus

Just being new to web design, I was having trouble getting drop-down nav menus to function correctly. So imagine my joy when I suddenly overcame my mental block and got them to work. Only problem was, my spouse and son were looking at me like I had two heads because they hadn't the slightest idea what I was talking about. They were probably wondering if I needed fitting for a straight-jacket as I danced excitedly around the house. I try to be more restrained now when I have similar break-throughs and decided not to tell them that I sometimes dream in code at night.
—Guest WhimsieCat

bad student

When nobody around you has any idea about web design yet you are still talking about it, when the only going out is to the department store.
—Guest apelsin

Dreaming web site design

When you have to keep moving the tag in your sleep.
—Guest jnetti

Withdrawal symptoms

So many of these ring true! Dreaming about CSS ... forgetting meals ... and when you do eat, boring your fellow diners with tales of Drupal or CSS. Worst of all is when you finish a nice meaty project, sit back, ... and don't know what to do with yourself. I'll have to try alphamare's habit of playing with other people's CSS in Firebug.
—Guest metoo


When all the functionality of your website is ready and works but the site is still offline....
—Guest berainy

It's starting!

I'm 17 and I took Web design this year only because all the other classes were taken but now I an absolutely in love with it. I spend my free time memorizing rgb codes!! I'm so fascinated by everything to do with Web design it's crazy! If any of you do this professionally I'd love to talk to you, I never in amillion years thought I'd say this, but I'm seriously considering a future in Web design!!!
—Guest Future Web Design Slave

Screening Calls

Friends call at the most inconvenient times, I could stop and talk, but I'm on a roll here. I just got this drop-down menu set-up so the parent li's would display a color while hovering the child li's. You know If you pick up the phone the first thing you'll hear is, "dude, are you alive?!". >.>
—Guest Indoorsman

Problem solving in bed.....

You keep waking up and writing down server fixes and code tweaks on pages you have been on for 15 hours before bed
—Guest Guest Nocturnal

the only computer gaming you do

anymore is playing with CSS on random sites in Firebug
—Guest alphamare

webdesign slave

you visualize in your mind how TV commercials could be done on a web page
—Guest james

You have spent the last two weeks

Learning css3, html5, how to customize a wordpress theme, and a little php for seasoning. All for no compensation and you are running out of necessities! The alphabet soup just cannot sustain the body and brain. I suffer from most of the symptoms mentioned above. Textures, colors, photos, fonts. I am always relating them to a potential page design. Can someone help me get to the promised land of actually getting paid for this?
—Guest pike747

"Time Off"

You're off work and you find yourself meeting new people and the first five minutes of conversation you are asking if they have a web presence or need a website done then end up pulling out your Netbook in the middle of a club trying to code
—Guest Nessa

(Or at least an indentured servant)

...when you not only look at the source code for web pages you admire, but also source for bad, slow-loading, wonky ones. -And then, run said lousy code through the W3C Validator page, and note the line numbers of all the mistakes, AND THEN e-mail the page owners, suggesting that they might want to correct the mistakes so their pages load better, EVEN IF the page in question belongs to a web developer! -Or better still, a university computer science department!

What are feet?

Your wife is altering the living room layout and asks, "Honey, how wide is that end-table?" And you respond, "650 pixels".
—Guest icanthelpit

hex color code

when you're shopping for a car and tell the dealer that you want something in a shade of #929175.
—Guest Tony

Finish the sentence

You Know You're a Slave to Web Design When...

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