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Web Administration

Web administration is the back end of Web development. Administrators keep the Web servers up and running, make sure the hosting continues to work, the servers are secure and keeps track of the logs. Web administration is a vital part of any Web operation and understanding the back end will help a Web designer understand how it all works together.
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Searching Your Site
Once you have more than 10 pages on your Web site, you'll want to add search to the site. These tools can help you add search to your Web site for free.

What is Web Administration? - Hosting, Security, Servers, Logs, Caching
There is more to building Web pages than just learning HTML, but many Web designers and developers forget about the layer underneath the Web pages, the Web server, the security, and the programs that make your Web page work.

What is an IP Address?
IP addresses are the backbone of the internet network. They allow systems to identify and locate one another in a distributed environment. IP addresses are the mailing addresses of the Internet.

Why Rewrite URLs
It's easy to redirect your customers, and there are many good reasons to do so.

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