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How to Convert a Word Doc to HTML

Options for Converting Doc to HTML


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Start with Word Itself to Save Docs as HTML

When you're trying to convert Word DOC files to HTML, the first place you should start is Microsoft Word. While Word is not a good program for writing HTML documents and web pages, if you just need to convert one or two documents quickly, then it can be the simplest solution. You should open the document in Word and then use Word to convert it to HTML by choosing "Save as HTML" or "Save as Web Page" in the File menu.

Remember, if this is the solution you choose, that I don't recommend using Word to write HTML. Word is a word processing program that creates documents for print. It adds a lot of strange styles and tags to your HTML and it's best to use it to convert pages when you need them up on a website quickly.

Another option you have when using just Word is to leave the Doc file alone. You can upload your DOC file and then set up a download link for your readers to download the file.

Your Web Editor May be Able to Convert Doc Files to HTML

More and more web editors are adding the ability to convert Word documents into HTML because so many people would like to be able to do this. Dreamweaver can convert DOC files to HTML in just a few steps. And it removes a lot of the strange styles that Word generated HTML will add.

The problem with using a web editor to convert your documents is that the pages don't usually look like the Word doc. They look like a web page. This might not be a problem, but if it is a problem for you, the next tip should help.

Convert the Word Doc to a PDF

Instead of converting the doc file to HTML, convert it to PDF. Microsoft has a free add-on for Word 2007 to allow you to save your DOC file as a PDF. There are also online tools like doc2pdf to convert your DOC files to PDF.

PDF files look exactly like your Word document but are downloadable and can be viewed in most web browsers. Converting your DOC file to a PDF is a good middle ground.

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