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Creating a Web Color Scheme


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Understanding Color and Web Color Schemes
Base Color - mustardy yellow

Base Color - mustardy yellow

Image by J Kyrnin

There are four basic color schemes that you can use for a Web site. Each page of this article shows a picture of the color scheme, and how you can generate a similar scheme in Photoshop.

  • monochromatic
    Using colors of the same hue. They may have different tints or shades depending upon how much white or black is added.
  • analogous
    This uses colors that are close to one another on the color wheel.
  • complementary
    This is often seen as "opposite" because the two colors in a complementary color scheme are opposite one another on the color wheel.
  • triadic
    These colors are evenly spaced on the color wheel.

All the color schemes will use this yellow as the base color.

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