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A Closer Look at Content Management Systems

CMS Offers Many Features for Your Site


There are many things that Content Management is used for. Most corporations that are looking into Content Management are looking for a way to manage their data. But CMS provides more than just data management and template Web delivery. Some of the features a good CM System will provide are:

  • Data management
    This is the primary function of CMS, to manage the content on Web sites. Most CM systems use XML to tag the content and database connectivity.

  • Web Life-Cycle Management
    Many CM systems provide the ability for content managers to approve and validate content before it goes live on the Web. They can also control the time a content element goes live, the day and time is it removed from the site, and the locations on the site that the content element appears.

  • Web Templating
    Web pages are created from templates. This allows your content developers to concentrate on writing. Then when they are ready to post items to the Web site, the content will display with the standardized branding of your site.

  • Personalization
    Once the content is put into the CM system, it makes it that much easier to create personalized pages for your Web site visitors. This is because the Web page design is separated from the content - so the content can be delivered exactly as your readers request it.

  • Syndication
    Syndication allows you to share your Web content with other corporations. Like personalization, it is made possible because the content is separated from the design of the Web site. This tool can be used for more than just companies like About that primarily create content. For example, an online vitamin store might syndicate articles about vitamins, Symantec might have content related to online security, and Nordstroms might include fashion tips.

  • Digital Rights Management
    As the copyright holder of content, whether it be writing, audio or video, you have the opportunity to provide high-quality access to your content. Content Management systems provide the background for managing the rights to your content.

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