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How Big Can a Web Cookie Be?


Question: How Big Can a Web Cookie Be?

The size of an HTTP cookie is determined by the user agent. When you measure the size of your cookie, you should count the bytes in the entire name=value pair, including the equal-sign.


According to the RFC 2109, web cookies should not be limited by user agents. But the minimum capabilities of a browser or user agent should be at least 4096 bytes per cookie. This limit is applied to the name=value portion of the cookie only.

This means that if you're writing a cookie and the cookie is less than 4096 bytes, then it will be supported by every browser and user agent that conforms to the RFC.

But this is the minimum requirement according to the RFC. Some browsers may support longer cookies. In my testing I found:

  • Internet Explorer 8 allowed cookies up to 4095 bytes
  • Chrome 9 allowed cookies up to 4096 bytes
  • Opera 11 allowed cookies up to 4096 bytes
  • Firefox 3.6.3 allowed cookies up to 4097 bytes
  • Safari 5 allowed coookies up to 4097 bytes

Based on that testing I recommend keeping your cookies to 4095 bytes or less.

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