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Flash adds animation and dynamic interaction to your Web site. Flash and Shockwave are perfect for dynamic Web sites. Flash used to be owned by Macromedia and is now owned by Adobe.
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Do You Use Flash - Why or Why Not
Find out what makes Flash so alluring to Web designers and why others avoid it like the plague.

Don't Use Flash This Way
Flash websites are very popular with designers who want to show off their Flash skills or just include animation and dynamic websites without needing server-side programming skills. But there are good ways to implement Flash on your site and bad ways. This article describes some of the bad ways you can implement Flash on your website and drive your customers away.

Flash Websites - Pros and Cons
Writing a website in Flash only can have definite benefits - but it can also have large drawbacks. Use this article to determine if the benefits to your site outweigh the drawbacks. Use Flash when it adds value for your readers, not just when you want to show off your skills as a Flash developer.

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 System Requirements
If you're considering installing Flash MX 2004 authoring tool or viewing tool, make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements to run Flash.

Flash Developer Center
A ton of resources and information for using Flash.

Download a Free Trial of Flash
If you're going to build a Flash Web site, you need Flash. There are many tools out there to help build SWF files, but Flash is your best bet.

Flash Websites Need Fallback Options for iOS Users
Flash websites don't work on iOS devices, but that doesn't mean you should just ignore them or worse suggest they should get a different device. The only readers you have that will be loyal enough to do that are your relatives, and even they might not be willing to buy a new hundred dollar device just to view one web page.

How is the CANVAS Element Different from SVG and Flash
If you're planning on adding interactive or animated graphics to your web page, there are three good options available to you: Flash, SVG, and CANVAS. Find out what the features are of each, and how they compare to one another.

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