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Flash Websites - Pros and Cons


Flash is a very intriguing technology to add interactivity and flashy graphics to a website. Learning to write good animations and forms in Flash can be difficult and time-consuming, so developers who know Flash are motivated to use it in every situation. But as with all technology, Flash has some drawbacks for many readers and putting up a site in Flash can be a detriment to the site rather than a draw.

If you are planning on putting up a Flash website, you should know both the positive aspects of Flash as well as the drawbacks. This, combined with your knowledge of your customers, should help you to decide if creating a site in Flash or using Flash for certain elements of your site is a good idea.

Current Status

Flash is gaining in popularity both with Web designers and with the public. There are some things on the Web that can only be done effectively with Flash, and some site owners feel that Flash is a very important part of their Web design.

Learning to write Flash Web pages can be tricky, but there are lots of resources, both online and in books and offline classes.

But using Flash just because can be risky too, as some customers are immediately put off by a Flash website and while search engines have better support for Flash than they used to, it still can be very difficult to get an all-Flash website to rank high in search engines.


Using or not using Flash on a website can cause major problems for the site. If you are building a website that Flash is well-suited for, then not using Flash could drive away readers. But building a site in Flash simply because you can can affect how your customers interact with your site, whether they find the site in search engines, and how accessible and usable your site is.

Flash is a powerful tool, but like every tool in the Web developer's toolbox, it shouldn't be used to solve every situation. Some problems are best solved with Flash, and others are not. If you know how to use Flash effectively, you can increase your page views and customers.

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