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Iframes and HTML 4.01 Frames


The first thing you should realize about HTML frames is that there is only one type of frame that is valid in HTML5—IFRAME. This lesson will teach you about how to build iframes as well as HTML 4 framesets.

Required Reading

Iframes or inline frames are the only valid type of frame in HTML5. They are fairly easy to use, requiring just one element: IFRAME. This article explains the IFRAME element.

New Iframe Attributes
There are three new attributes of the IFRAME element that help improve the security and design of your iframes. This article explains what they are for and how they can be used.

Linking in Iframes and Frames
When you add links to documents that are inside frames, you can choose where they should open—inside the current frame, inside the window holding the frame, or inside a completely new window.

Learn to Build HTML 4.01 Frames
HTML frames may be obsolete in HTML5, but browsers still support it and they can be useful. This tutorial takes you step-by-step through how to create a framed web page with two frames.

Why Using Frames is Discouraged in HTML5
HTML5 has made HTML frames obsolete. This was primarily done because screen readers and other accessibility browsers do not handle frames well at all. But if you write in HTML 4.01, you can still use frames. This two page article discusses the benefits (page 1) to HTML frames and the drawbacks (page 2). If you are considering using HTML frames you should be aware of all the facts surrounding them so that you make a decision that is good for your readers and your site.

Optional Reading

Styling Your Iframes
One of the reasons people sometimes are uninterested in learning iframes is because they are ugly on the page. This article gives you some ideas for how to style your iframes so that they aren't so bad. This article covers aspects of CSS that are not explained in the HTML course, if you are interested in doing this but don't know CSS, you can start with some of the suggestions on my site to learn CSS.


Lesson 11 Homework
Homework for the HTML class is not graded. Each lesson will include a quiz with questions to answer, and a project you can try to get more familiar with the concepts taught in that lesson. If you want help with the quiz or project, you can post questions to the HTML forum.

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