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HTML5 Design Gallery—2013

Image submitted for the HTML5 Design Gallery courtesy IVIS INFO

Screen shot by J Kyrnin courtesy IVIS INFO


This is an example of a good looking HTML5 site. It was good looking when it was first submitted to my HTML5 Designs gallery back in 2011, and it's still good looking now.

The design has not changed extensively from 2011, but that's okay. In fact, iterative design that makes small changes to sites over time, rather than doing large redesigns changing the entire site at once, is much easier for a customer to accomodate. When a site changes abruptly from one design to a new one, there is a period of adjustment that customers have to make before they are used to the new style and willing to trust the company again. By making small changes gradually, you can introduce new elements to your site without scaring off customers.

I like this design, and I think that the designer is smart to stay with the same style, even as the HTML changes to accomodate new features and functions. The next thing I would work on is collecting the JavaScript (as much as possible) into one file, and the CSS into one file as well. This will help the page load more quickly. The designer should also consider moving as much of the JavaScript as possible to the bottom of the document (above the </body> tag) so that the scripts don't interfere with the loading of the rest of the page. They still have the problem of an incorrect use of the HGROUP element. (It surrounds only one header element, rather than a group.) And a few sections were not titled, making the outline incomplete. But otherwise, this site still looks good and holds up over time.

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