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Web Tools - iPhone App Review

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Web Tools

Web Tools - iPhone App

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The Bottom Line

If you buy this app you won't need any other whois, ping, or availability checker on your iPhone. It works well, but most of the functions are available separately for less. If you do a lot of whois and ping work, having them in one tool can be useful.


  • Does both whois and ping in the same app
  • Checks the availability of domain names
  • Stores favorite domain names
  • Provides useful information about the domain's host


  • Can't save favorites from the lookup page
  • Ping wasn't always reliable in my tests


  • Lookup a domain and learn the host name and address.
  • Run a whois or ping on the domain.
  • Visit the domain's website.
  • See the address of the host, including latitude and longitude.
  • View the location on a map.
  • Check availability of domain names.
  • Store favorites for future reference.
  • Email results from any page.
  • View a history of what you've looked up.
  • Check availability on dozens of different top-level domains (.com, .net, .org, etc.).

Guide Review - Web Tools - iPhone App Review

Web Tools provides a lot of useful tools in one app. Looking up the host information can provide valuable resources for dealing with copyright violations, checking host status, and finding new domains.

It has a good price, but there are other apps that are cheaper or free that do the same things. And when I tried pinging servers that I knew were up, Web Tools wasn't always able to get any response. I thought it was a fluke at first, but it repeated several times over multiple days and domains. I could ping these domains from other ping clients.

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