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Password Generators and Password Safes for the iPhone


We all have passwords. And they can be very difficult to come up with secure ones and then remember them once we've got them. But these iPhone apps work great for generating secure passwords and then storing them securely so that you can look them up again later. These are the iPhone apps I've found for generating and securing passwords in order of price.


Screen shot by J Kyrnin

1Password stores your secret information in an encrypted file. It helps you remember your passwords and even logs you into websites with just one click. It can be synced with a desktop version of 1Password so that you always have your passwords.

This app is free (says for a limited time).


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PassGen is a random password generator. It can generate passwords of between 4 and 16 characters and using numbers, letters, and special characters. You can then email your password to yourself.

This app is free.

Password Generator

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Password Generator will generate a random password between 4 and 12 characters long using letters, numbers, and special characters.

This app is free.


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PasswordWallet encrypts your passwords and secret data using Blowfish encryption. It also has the ability to log you into your password protected websites. You can also sync with a Mac desktop application.

This app is free (it says "for now").

Keeper Data Manager

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You can use Keeper to store private notes, passwords, and websites. It even includes a self-destruct so that if your password is entered incorrectly 5 times in a row, all data is deleted.

This app costs $0.99.

PassGen Pro

PassGen Pro
Screen shot by J Kyrnin

PassGen Pro is a password generator that will create passwords between 7 and 20 characters long. It creates passwords in human readable (yet still relatively secure) form, machine readable, and hex. With three different complexity levels.

This app costs $0.99.


Wallet will store your passwords in an encrypted file. It will also, if you choose, store your data on the Memengo website so that it's backed up.

This app costs $1.99.


mSecure acts as both a secure personal information manager and also a password safe. It stores all your personal information in an encrypted file and is easy to use with standard iPhone interface features.

This app costs $2.99.

Firebox Password Manager

Firebox offers very strong security for your passwords and secure data. You can use it to store items in any language with it's Unicode support. Plus, there is a Mac desktop application that you can use to sync to your desktop.

This app costs $4.99.

My Eyes Only

My Eyes Only is another personal information manager that stores your private data including passwords in an encrypted file. It doesn't send your private data to any servers or via email, so you know that no one will be able to see your passwords.

This app costs $8.99.

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