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How to Add a Google Map to Your Web Page


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Convert Your Address to Coordinates
Results from a Geocoder.us search

Use the indicated numbers for latitude and longitude.

Screen shot by J Kyrnin

In order to use Google Maps on your web pages you need to have the latitude and longitude for the location. You can get these from a GPS or you can use an online tool like Geocoder.us to tell you.

  1. Go to Geocoder.us and type in your address in the search box.
  2. Copy the first number for the latitude (without a letter in front) and paste it into a text file. You do not need the degree (º) indicator.
  3. Copy the first number for the longitude (again without a letter in front) and paste it into your text file.

Your latitude and longitude will look something like this:


Geocoder.us only works for U.S. addresses, if you need to get the coordinates in another country, you should search for a similar tool in your region.

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