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Hype HTML5 Web Editor Version 1.5 Review

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Tumult Hype

Tumult Hype

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Bottom Line

If you are someone who needs to put brochures or information online, but you don't want to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Hype is a good choice for you. You don't need to know HTML or CSS or JavaScript to create interesting animated web pages.

As with most other no-code WYSIWYG editors, I don't recommend Hype for web designers who need a lot of control over their designs or web developers who need to write web applications and very complex JavaScript driven sites. Hype can create very complex and interesting sites, but it's best for people who don't want or need access to the code.


  • HTML5 by default
  • Timeline features to animate the page
  • Great browser checking support with problems highlighted as soon as you choose them
  • Can export the site as an iBooks Author widget


  • HTML is not 100% valid in all cases
  • CSS is primarily inline, which slows the pages down
  • HTML5 is mostly in the DOCTYPE with few if any new elements used
  • No upload, FTP, or site management features
  • No forms, tables, or ecommerce


  • Operating System: Macintosh
  • Publisher: Tumult
  • Price: $49.99
  • Score: 44.3% (compared to other no-code WYSIWYG editors)
  • Review written: December 17, 2012

Jennifer Kyrnin’s Review of Hype HTML5 Web Editor Version 1.5

When I wrote my review of Hype version 1, I was still reviewing any and all HTML editors using identical criteria. But after talking with my customers, PR people, other designers, and friends I realized that this was a mistake. The web industry has evolved far enough that there are different types of editors for people with different needs. Hype is a no-code WYSIWYG editor for people who don’t need access to the HTML and in fact don’t want that level of editing capability. While this might not suit a hard core web developer, it’s perfect for a small business owner or marketing professional who has some design experience and just wants to get their ideas up on the web quickly and efficiently.

Hype is very fun to use. It works a lot like other animation editors like Flash you might have used, which means if you are familiar with editing timelines, you will find Hype fairly easy to pick up and start animating everything. I admit that when I started playing with it I had to resist the urge to make everything spin and flip around and grow larger and smaller.

You can animate all the typical aspects of your elements including font size, color, opacity, position, and more. I created my brochure home page, Kyrnin.com with Hype, and I spent more time picking photos than I did coding the page. The fade-in, animated text, and buttons were all automated by Hype and Hype did all the JavaScript for me.

Hype Defaults to HTML5 and CSS3

One of the things I like best about this editor is that it defaults to HTML5 and CSS3 for most features. This means that your site will be using up-to-date technology, in many cases long before other sites are using it. While a lot of the animation is created in JavaScript, rather than CSS, this is done to keep the page compatible with older browsers.

But the HTML5 and CSS3 isn’t perfect. Hype doesn’t use the CANVAS element or other HTML5 sectioning elements. And all the animation is done with DOM manipulations and JavaScript rather than CSS3. But this keeps the pages more backwards compatible, so I’m okay with that.

The Most Difficult Aspect for Non-Web Developers Using Hype

If you’re not already familiar with how to get your web pages from your hard drive to a website using FTP, this will be the most difficult part of using Hype. There is no built-in FTP in Hype, so you have to first convert your files to HTML and then upload to your website using an external FTP program. If you’ve never done this or don’t have a program, this can be difficult. Hype has a tutorial for how to use FTP with Hype that may help.

There are other features that are a bit challenging to deal with. For example, in order to create a link you need to create a block of text and define the action that should happen when that text is clicked on. However, this will make the entire block of text a link, if you want to make just a couple words in a paragraph a link you need to know enough HTML to be able to write a link and edit the HTML directly. In fact, if you don’t write the link yourself, the text will be linked using a large amount of JavaScript—more characters than using a simple A element.

Hype is also missing the ability to use things like:

  • forms
  • ecommerce
  • templates

There is also no support for editing graphics (beyond adjusting the display size and other things you can do in CSS), there is no direct mobile support although you can create designs that are meant to work in mobile devices, and there is nothing to ensure that any HTML or CSS that you add in yourself is valid or correct.

Hype is Mostly for Animation

If you think of Hype as a web animation editor, like Adobe Edge, you will find its primary strength. It is very easy to create animated sites using Hype and that is what it is best suited for. The only place it really fails there is because the animation is done completely with JavaScript, there isn’t any use of CSS3 animation features or HTML5.

Another interesting feature that Hype has that I haven’t seen anywhere else is the ability to export your pages to the iBooks Author application as a widget. This means you can create an animation in Hype and then save it as a widget to import into an eBook.

Hype Is Good But Can Improve

I’d love to see how Hype improves in the future. Lacking FTP support is a problem as are the other features like ecommerce and forms that are useful to small business owners. I think that if Hype can get some of these features included in a future version, they could really start to capture the no-code WYSIWYG web editor market

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