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Online Web Development Training

One of the fastest and often cheapest ways to learn HTML and Web Development is through online training courses. These courses can be full college-credit courses or simple email classes. But they all will help you learn HTML quickly and effectively.
  1. Free HTML Class (50)

Web Development Classes - HTML Web Design XML CSS Perl Photoshop
Learn web development from the pros at About.com. There are dozens of free online classes that can teach you HTML, CSS, web design, Photoshop, and more. And best of all these classes are all FREE.

Review Online Web Design Courses
There are many different schools, companies, and individuals that offer online courses in web design. How do you know that you're signing up for a good one? Find out what other people think about various online courses that teach web design and HTML, and share your thoughts on the classes you have taken. See submissions See submissions See submissions

HTML 101 - A Free 10-week Course
Learn HTML from your HTML Guide. Take this free course through email and the Web. Take this self-guided course, and at the end of ten weeks, if you pass the test, receive a certificate.

Free Web Design Class (weekly)
Once you know HTML, you need to learn to design your pages. There's more to design than just throwing tags up on the page and hoping it looks okay. With this course, (available in weekly or daily installments) you'll learn how to design pages as good looking as any professional.

Free Web Design Class (daily)

Free CSS Class
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) provide the layout, look, and feel for your HTML documents. And, they are easier than you think. This five day class will have you styling your pages sooner than you'd have thought.

Free HTML Forms Class
If you already know HTML, but you still don't understand forms, this class will help. After 5 days you will know how to use form tags, how to write a mailto or CGI form, how to decorate your forms, and even how to validate them with JavaScript. HTML forms are hard but this class will help make them easy.

Designing Web Pages
This is an interesting idea, but it requires a plugin to use. I don't recommend using the non-signed applet to install it, instead install it manually.

Home Page Basics
This free course teaches you how to create a basic home page on Third Age.

HTML Writers Guild Classes
The HWG offers a huge number of online classes in HTML and other Web related topics.

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