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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) RDF Site Summary

Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary is a great way to get your information syndicated for others to read. These articles and information explain what RSS is and how it can be used.
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Learn How to Use RSS with Tutorials
If you want to know more about creating RSS feeds, you can find the answers here. About.com Web Design/HTML offers a number of RSS tutorials that will help drive traffic to your blog or website.

How would you respond to an RSS scraper?
RSS scraping is where a website owner takes the RSS feed from someone else and posts it to their site without attribution. Find out what other Web design readers have done about it and share your stories of being scraped or just your thoughts about RSS scraping and what you'd do about it.

Is Using an RSS Feed Plagiarism?
Website owners often put a lot of content out in RSS feeds. This is useful for other designers to help promote that content and add some extra infomation to their own sites. But some unscrupulous people use RSS feeds to scrape the site in question and don't provide context or credit and often change the articles in some nefarious way.

Promoting Your RSS Feed
Creating an RSS feed is probably the easiest XML document you\'ll ever write, if you choose to write it from scratch. And once you have your feed, you\'ll want to promote it. It can be tempting to try to find custom icons and scripts to link to it, but the best way to promote your feed on your site is to link to it. This article covers various...

How to Add an RSS Feed to a Web Page
Once you've built an RSS feed for your website, you'll want to connect it to the site with a link tag. It's best if you link the RSS off every page of your site, but you can also link it from just one or two pages - for instance, the pages that most make sense for that feed.

How to Use RSS on Your Website
RSS is a great way to promote your site and new site content, and a great resource for RSS feeds is a list of what's new on your website. I have started a what's new RSS feed for my About.com Web Design / HTML website that I maintain with a text editor.

What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary, no matter what you think it stands for, RSS is the answer to Web site syndication.

How to Syndicate this Site
The Web Design/HTML weblog is available for syndication. And with a simple script, it's easy to have this site and other RSS feeds right on your Web page. You can also use aggregators and newsreaders to read RSS feeds you're interested in.

Sample RSS 0.91 Feed
A sample RSS 0.91 feed explaining how to use RSS Syndication

Syndicate the Web Design/HTML Site
Syndicate the Web Design/HTML Site

Anatomy of an RSS File
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it's called that because it's one of the easiest XML formats to use - there is very little to it. This article will walk you through how to write your own RSS file so that you can syndicate your site even if you don't have a blog or don't want to buy the Dreamweaver extension to write RSS.

Promote Your RSS Feed to Aggregators
Creating an RSS feed is easy, but getting it found can be just as challenging as promoting Web sites. Follow these steps to at least make sure that your feed is listed.

The Anatomy of an RSS Feed - WebReference.com
Understand how to build an RSS feed from scratch with this step-by-step tutorial. Even if you use a feed builder, this can be helpful, because at least you'll know what went wrong.

RSS and Atom in Action - webreference.com
Learn more about these two popular newsfeed formats from WebReference.

Introduction to RSS
This short article clearly explains what RSS is and how it works.

RSS 2.0
This is UserLand's explanation of RSS 2.0. It details what it is, how to use it and where RSS is heading.

RSS and You
Use Perl to create and manipulate RSS feeds.

RSS Tutorial
A really nice description of RSS for the tech-phobic.

What is RSS?
XML.com provides a very technical description of RSS in several of its flavors.

How to Create XML for an RSS Feed
An explanation of how to create XML for an RSS feed. A step-by-step XML tutorial explaining in detail the XML required for an RSS feed with sample code.

Questions About Really Simple Syndication – RSS F.A.Q.
Tackling RSS usually leaves people with questions about Really Simple Syndication. This article answers some basic questions about RSS and the components that comprise this essential marketing tool.

Legal Side of RSS Feeds – RSS Copyright
What is the legal side of RSS feeds and how do copyright fit in. A discussion of the legal issues behind RSS feeds and how to protect your content.

RSS Glossary – Important Terms Regarding Really Simple Syndication
RSS is a marketing tool that helps keep readers up-to-date on your pages. This glossary defines some vital RSS Terminology.

How to Format RSS – Adding Style to a Feed
Is it possible to add styling to RSS feeds? Learn how to use CSS, or cascading style sheet, with your XML file for Really Simple Syndication.

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