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Web Strategy

A good Web strategy works with your business strategy to create a website that meets your business goals. Once you've started building a Web presence, you want to think about how your website can improve your business. Strategy includes community, personalization, your content, ecommerce, even your intranets.
  1. Ecommerce (29)
  2. Content (99)
  3. Community (101)
  4. Intranets (7)
  5. Personalization (3)
  6. Building Ebooks (12)

What items are critical for a business website
Business websites have special needs and are different from personal Web pages. When you're building a website for a business, what tools or services do you require in order to create a site that works well for the company. Find out what other Web designers feel are critical components of business websites.

How do you prioritize Web projects
Prioritization is an important job skill for most Web designers and freelancers. You need to know what decisions you can make and how to make them. But sometimes making a decision can be hard. These are suggestions from About.com readers for how to prioritize Web projects.

What to Look for in a Web Designer
Finding a Web designer can be a daunting prospect. There are lots and lots of Web designers to choose from, so how do you make the right decision? And if you are a designer, how do you know if you\'re presenting yourself in a way that will get you hired. These are some tips for how to find a good Web designer.

Create a Site Map Before You Build Your Site
When you map out the pages you want or need on your website before you start building it, you will know that you have all the pages you need and want on your website. A visual site map is just a flow chart detailing the website with the sub-sections and pages.

Create a Site Plan
If you are creating a website from scratch, you should start by planning what your site needs and your goals for the site before you start building. This will help you ensure that your website meets your goals and serves the purpose you are trying to fulfill.

Write goals for your website that actually get done. SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

It's Time to Update (or Create) that Website
Get started on that new Web page, or clean up your old one and start the new year off right

Prioritizing Web Projects
What to do when everything you're working on has top priority. How to prioritize Web projects.

Do you Build Maintainable Websites?
Maintainability is not something many Web designers think about when building websites. But it can be a critical issue even just a short time later when you need to re-work part of the site or completely redesign it. These tips for creating a maintainable site will help you create sites that you look forward to re-doing, rather than dread.

Behind the Scenes at Web Design/HTML @ About.com
Business Web sites are often built and maintained in a very different fashion from how you build and maintain your personal site. There are a lot more programs, processes, and people involved in building and maintaining the Web Design/HTML Web site

Internet Marketing Strategy : Why is it Important? - Marketing @ About
If you don't have a strategy for your internet Marketing, then your site will suffer. Conversion from browsing to sales will be low, traffic will be low, and subscriptions will remain unpopular. You wouldn't build a business without a business plan, don't forget your internet marketing strategy either. From the About.com Guide to Marketing.

Marketing Strategy: What Can it Do for You? - Marketing @ About.com
Learn what an Internet marketing strategy can do to help your business and your Web site. From the About Guide to Marketing.

Planning Your School's Website - Private Schools @ About.com
The About.com Guide to Private Schools offers a great article looking at the specific strategies for building a school's website. And many of these suggestions for non-school sites as well.

How Much Blog -- and How Often? - webreference.com
Starting a business blog can be a great way to improve your company and improve your Web site, but you need to think about how much to blog and how often to blog so that you don't overwhelm your workers or customers.

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