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Demonstration of anti-aliasing; created with Inkscape and GIMP.
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font-smooth Description:

The font-smooth property provides designers control over the application of anti-aliasing when rendered.

font-smooth in CSS Versions:

font-smooth Syntax:

font-smooth: auto | never | always | <absolute-size> | length | initial | inherit

  • auto - smooth text according to system defaults
  • never - never smooth the fonts
  • always - always smooth the fonts
  • <absolute-size> and length - If the value of the font size is the same or larger than this size measure, then smooth the font when rendering it.

font-smooth Initial Value:


font-smooth Applies To:

All elements and generated content.

font-smooth Inheritance:

This property is inherited.

font-smooth Browser Support:


font-smooth Example:

<p style="font-smooth:always;">The font in this paragraph should be always smoothed, no matter how <span style="font-size:small;">small</span> or <span style="font-size: large;">large</span> the font is written.</p>
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font-smooth Special Notes:

  • Be careful how you use this style, as it can drastically reduce the readability of your text.

More font-smooth Information:

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