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Rhythm - Basic Principles of Design


What is Rhythm in Design:

Rhythm in design is also called repetition. Rhythm allows your designs to develop an internal consistency that makes it easier for your customers to understand. Once the brain recognizes the pattern in the rhythm it can relax and understand the whole design. Repetition rarely occurs on its own and so it embues a sense of order onto the design. And because of this, repetition attracts attention and prompts customers to investigate further.

Use of Rhythm in Design:

Nearly anything in a Web design can be repeated to create a rhythm to your designs. You can repeat a headline multiple times for emphasis, repeat an image across the top of your design, create a patterned background with repetitive elements, or repeat a style throughout the pages of your site to provide consistency.

How to Include Rhythm in Web Designs:

Rhythm in Web design can be implemented in many ways:

  • Repeat the actual text in your HTML.
  • Add images mulitple times.
  • Use the background-repeat property to repeat a background image horizontally or vertically.
  • Repeat the navigation elements of your design across the pages of your site.

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