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Get Help Learning Web Design
If you're struggling with web design or just can't figure out what HTML tag or CSS property to use, these resources can help you. HTML doesn't have to be hard, and I'm here to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Web Design, HTML, CSS, and Web Development
There are lots of questions people have about building web pages, and this FAQ lists 150 of the most common questions asked by About.com readers. If you have a question about web design, HTML, CSS, or just building web pages, check here first.

What questions do you have about HTML, web design, CSS or web development in...
Do you have questions about HTML, web design, CSS or some other web development topic? Now is your chance to get them answered. This page will list the common questions people have about web design and HTML and point them to answers.

Web Design/HTML Site FAQ

Web Design A to Z Index
An easy to use A to Z index of Web Design / HTML @ About.

Web Design and HTML Articles by Date

What's New on the About Web Design Site
Find out the new features of Web Design Web site

Jon Morin
A short introduction of Jon Morin - contributor for Web Design/HTML at About.com.

Write for Web Design/HTML on About.com
Find out what it takes to get a guest article posted on the About.com Web Design/HTML site.

Jon Morin
A short introduction of Jon Morin - contributor for Web Design/HTML at About.com.

Alexander Peev
A short introduction of Alexander Peev intern for Web Design/HTML at About.com.

Kim R. West—About.com Intern
A short introduction of Kim R. West intern for Web Design/HTML at About.com.

The Web Design / HTML at About.com Contact Solution
Putting up contact information is often problematic for many Web developers. But it's an important way to prove your site credibility. This is how I do it on the About.com site.

How to Get a Link on This Site
If you're a Web designer or write about Web design, you might be able to get a link to your pages on this website.

If you want to learn HTML or Web design, you should start here.

More Advanced Designers
once you've moved past the basics of Web design, you can find help and information here.

Professional Web Designers
If you're looking to break into the Web design field, or you already build Web pages professionally, the links and resources you need are all here.

Professional Web Programmers
Programmers are often more interested in how the page works than how it looks. These links will get you started as a Web applications developer, CGI programmer, or scripter.

XML Developers
The most advanced form of markup, the XML resources on this site will take you through learning XML to creating applications with various XML specifications.

Web Design Forum

HTML / XML Forum

Adam Paddock
A short introduction of Adam Paddock contributor for Web Design/HTML at About.com.

Send Me an Email

CSS3 Linear Gradients Examples
Examples of how CSS3 linear gradients look with cross-browser support.

My Blog
My Blog

Web Design Glossary - Jargon Terms Defined
Glossary of jargon terms related to web design, HTML, XML and the internet.

Details and Summary Element Examples
Examples of how to use the DETAILS and SUMMARY elements in HTML5

Blogging's End FAQ
Frequently asked questions around the change to the blogs on About.com.

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