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XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is the basis for the new XHTML. It comes from SGML and is used to represent data in a standard format. The articles and links on this page will help you learn how to use XML on your Web pages and in Web applications.
  1. XHTML
  2. Beginning XML (46)
  3. DTDs (12)
  4. Parsers (12)
  5. XML Editors (36)
  6. XML Forums (3)
  7. Specifications (339)
  8. Programming XML (16)
  9. Schema (11)
  10. XSLT (65)
  11. XML Glossary (19)
  12. XML Articles by Darla Ferrara (147)

About XML Resource Center
Keep up-to-date with the XML community, find out about new XML articles and information, and just stay focused on this very exciting topic. The About XML Resource Center has all you need to learn and use XML.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)
A discussion of XML and the purpose of this markup language. An article that provides a brief summary definition of the Extensible Markup Language(XML) with links to XML tutorials.

About XML Free Class
After you finish this course, you will understand the basics of XML, what it is, how it works and how you can use it in your work. With interactive lessons and the option to work with other people in the course, you'll be able to learn XML the way you want. Go at your own pace, or follow along with the weekly syllabus.

Origin and Design Goals for XML
The ten design goals for XML and what they mean.

Why Should You Use XML Five Basic Reasons
Need 5 reasons to use XML ? Take a look at some advantages to the markup language XML.

What are Some Advanced Ways to Use XML
XML has not been ignored by designers who create some of the advanced technologies found on in the modern-day world of internet design. Review some of the articles that highlight how the movers and shakers on the internet make use of XML.

Elements in XML
Learn how to use the most basic element in XML. XML elements are the tags that are used to create XML documents. XML elements are exactly like HTML elements, except that you can create your own for your own uses.

Attributes and XML
XML attributes describe your elements and are just as important as they are in HTML.

Converting an XML File to be Well-Formed
Learn how to convert a basic XML document into something that is Well-Formed and valid. Valid and Well-Formed XML is important so that your XML works where it's supposed to work.

What is XML Content?
How does XML define the content of a document? What are structured documents? This document explains content as XML sees it.

Who Uses XML?
XML is used for many different things, from documentation to database manipulation and more. Understanding how XML is used in applications across the Web is important if you're going to begin using it yourself.

How Do You Use XML?
Find out how other people use XML in their work and share how you use XML or what specifications you have dealt with.

Styling XML Documents with CSS
You can use Cascading Style Sheets to style XML tags so that your XML looks exactly as you'd like it to display. CSS works for more than just HTML or XHTML.

Best XML Books
Whether you want to learn XML or you use it every day, these books will be a great resource. There are books for learning XML and books for reference, and all of them are good.

XML Book Reviews
Find out what books About.com readers recommend for learning and using XML. Read the reviews or write your own of your favorite XML book.

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