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Been Happy With CoffeeCup for a Long Time

Reader Reviews: CoffeeCup HTML Editor Reviews

User Rating 2 Star Rating

By Gunnar

Been Happy With CoffeeCup for a Long Time


CoffeeCup HTML Editor

Date of purchase: 


CoffeeCup HTML Editor version 


Types of Sites Built with CoffeeCup HTML Editor 

I mostly used it for editing salespages.

How much did you pay for CoffeeCup HTML Editor? 

Paid version

My Review 

I have a long time been happy with Coffeecup.

Importing HTML files and websites to make some small

changes. Since I'm not a great coder I mostly used

the visual editor part, it was really great for that.

But in there lasted update v.12.5 they have skipped

the visual editor part, so I can't use it anymore.


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